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Retiring from sports means leaving the structure and consistency that a Professional Sport's career provides. RUBC provides support for Athletes in Life after Sport.

January 20, 2021


RUBC hosted another event to support retired athletes and had some fantastic former International Rugby players and Business professionals. Speaking about their Rugby careers, mental and physical wellbeing, and how they transitioned into their careers and business. One of our first speakers was Samoan Inu Akerei (Rei) Maresala-Thomson. "Akerei proudly hails from Otara - the innovation capital of the world! He is a social architect, award winning leader and Co-Founder of the multi award winning free community app MYRIVR, the largest in app directory of support services in NZ with the goal of becoming the largest enabler of community services in the world. Previous roles include GM for Village Collective, a sexual health provider. He also served for 12 years in the NZ Police as a ranking Senior Sergeant holding various roles including intelligence, investigations, crime prevention, emergency response, family violence, sex trafficking and capacity building training around NZ and the Pacific Islands."

From Samoa to Otara, Akerei spoke passionate about his life in Samoa to being abused as a youngster and suffered mental depression for many years. His story was so inspiring to others that have been in similar situations in life. The challenges of starting the tech company took him and his Directors across the globe to sell the vision. There are not many Pacific tech companies in the world and MYRIVR is only a handful that are global. Rei also played rugby in Europe and returned to New Zealand transitioning into work, reinventing himself with education, passion and a will to succeed. 

"The Tongan-born Aucklander went to Tamaki College, and played in representative age group teams before his debut for Auckland in 2008. Pauliasi played 50 games for Auckland from 2008 to 2014 and made his debut for the Blues as part of the Wider Training Group in 2011. He played five games for the Blues in 2011-2012 before being picked up by the Chiefs as a replacement in 2013. Pauliasi went on to play 49 times for the Chiefs over the next four seasons before moving back to Auckland and the Blues in 2017. In 2015 Manu was brought into the All Blacks team as stand-by cover late in their successful Rugby World Cup campaign." Pauliasi Manu spoke emotionally on leaving Japan to be back home in Auckland with his family. He spoke on his interests and values of helping his family and also a entrepreneur helping started many businesses over a decade supporting his family in start ups. Alongside his wife helping his family and now a new start up with Kava Time/ Flavoured Kava.

The Auckland Rugby and Blues, Leinster legend is one of those humble guys who has achieved so much in Rugby as a leader. Isa Nacewa spoke about his new role with Money Empire discussing the problems with financial literacy and helping so many people understand money! The key here is just to ask and he mentioned that 85% of Rugby players do not yet understand financial literacy-which is not really taught in schools or when your a professional athlete! His role is a Financial Adviser at Money Empire and Host on "Beyond the Field" Podcast series.

"15 years playing professional rugby in both Ireland and New Zealand, I returned home to New Zealand in July of 2018. I knew that retirement was inevitable so the change of careers to a Registered Financial Adviser was the next challenge and career path I decided to take."

How Isa Nacewa Returned To Leinster For One More Shot At Glory
Leinster European Champions

Heart felt impact is worth more than anything in events and Jason Jacobs spoke on his law degree to rugby injury to caddy career across the globe. Before that he says that all started in his hometown Rotorua.

He is part of the Te Mana Consortium addresses supporting people & landowners that want to take ownership of their present and future sovereignty, in turn building an intergenerational design to help the health and balance of land and their people that want to build a future we can all embrace. Jacobs is the Co-Founder of P3 management  with the Vision: To create a clear pathway through our connective systems that develop athletes both within and beyond their sports.

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