Testimonials from Filipo's clients

Filipo has translated his extensive experience of performing in high pressure situations into a toolkit to help his clients succeed. Here's what they had to say.
Gary Lin

"Filipo has a great sense of humour plus decades of experience in top level sport as well as in peak human performance. Also love his journey going from top level sport being ex-Samoan rugby captain, to corporate, and now being in business. Filipo ran a series of high performance workshops with our Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch BNZ SME Hubs. Our team performances have really stepped up another gear in the past 3 months across all 3 teams, especially Auckland!"

Grant Finer
Community Builder, Passionate Enabler, Technology Evangelist, Businessman, Investor & Connector

An inspirational leader always looking to contribute to others, share his experience, and fire-up the passion of any audience. Filipo, it was fantastic to hear you share your story for Business Strategy Networking in February. I'm looking forward to following your track-record of success working with people at all levels.

Denz Calamba
Certified Human Resource Developer

Filipo is a professional speaker that has a great work ethic. His level of preparation and attention to detail is noteworthy, and he has great platform presence. His leadership principle is unique yet very relatable. He knows how to use his personal and professional background to craft inspiring and impactful messages. Thank you for being gracious with your time and wisdom Filipo!

Zac Watson
Tourism and Development

We used Filipo's services as a public speaker for an online event for our members who are all young tourism professionals. This was online during the Covid19 recovery phases. His style and messages were fantastic around resetting yourself as a person and in your professional life. I would recommend Filipo on behalf of the Young Tourism Export Council as a key note speaker or a speaker within a wider series.