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The importance of telling your story and emotionally connecting with your clients

October 26, 2020

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Linkedin has over 675 million users in over 200 countries, and is one of the top professional social mediums to promote your company, your profession and your brand.

This year 2020 will be remembered in years to come as the year of Covid19. Books, movies and films, speeches and start up companies will be created in this crisis and the opportunities to think, act and brand differently.

Jerome Joseph is a global professional speaker, strategist and author based in Singapore. He is a passionate speaker and part of the top 30 Global Gurus ranked No 2! We met in 2018 at the Global Speakers event in Auckland Sky City convention centre in New Zealand. My first impressions with Jerome was his openness to connect and his kind manner.

In a recent talk Joseph discusses the importance of emotional connection with your customers and how to tell your story. I have elloborated with his three key points below.

1. Have a structured story.

My first speaking coach taught me how to start a speech. The start is the open loop in what my challenge was then to provide examples of those challenges in different circumstances. You summarise the talk and close the loop-from your opening story to further embed your solution to the problem faced.

2. Alignment with brand.

As a former professional rugby player playing consistenly week in and week out had to do with your preparation. In Business it is the same

with your marketing, your social media posts, your meeting process and the sales and customer journey. When I stick to my strength zone I am much more aligned in my thinking and perform consistently.

3. Be you and real true to your essesense.

Jerome really is passionate about brands and helping companies tell their authentic story by being true to the essense-of your purpose of serving your customers. My essence begins with my Samoan culture and the importance of the values of collaboration, respect and kindness.

“O le ala I le Pule o le Tautua”

The pathway to Leadership is through Service

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