As a leader deciding the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter Filipo Levi, an experienced leader and former international Rugby Captain. Filipo is inspiring, motivating and transforming people with the right tools and knowledge.
Filipo Levi has helped clients to unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Discover what they can do for you today.

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How do you motivate and engage your staff as a leader?

Are you prepared for the future of work?

What it comes down to is the organisational culture, the well being of your people and how you lead. 

O le Ala I le Pule O le Tautua
The Pathway to Leadership is through Service 


The saying is a motivated employee will always perform consistently, because they are engaged in the culture, their team, and your leadership. A team thrives on engaging leadership and how you create a psychologically safe environment.

Filipo Levi helps leaders to challenge their skills and leadership and transform their teams from low to high performance. From Coaching, to Training, Workshops and One on One to discovery sessions let Filipo empower your leadership and teams. 



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Thoroughly enjoyed Filipo who came to facilitate a Personal Development Session for the Northland Taniwha Rugby team. 

Filipo session was based on 'Tackling Change' with life after rugby. He was able to personally relate and emphasise with the players from being a ex-professional Rugby player  and being paid well for the game  he loved and then realizing that there is life after rugby and the need to be ready for this, and bring awareness around the numerous factors that influence how long a Rugby career can last. 

The session was fun and the players were genuinely interested and engaging. 

Clark Lewis Community Rugby Manager

Thanks so much for sharing his insights with us. Highly relevant for our business, and lots of great feedback from the team here at Vend.

Alex Fala CEO VEND Tech Company

We had the pleasure of having Filipo as a guest speaker in our AUT Certificate of Sport and Recreation lecture. 

His unique and engaging approach left a lasting impression on our students. Many of the students found it easy to relate to his stories and experiences. 

Kelly McCallum

Lecturer, Former Canadian Rugby Captain, First women's rugby player inducted into Canada's British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame.

Filipo shared  with us his personal story about how his father, a railway worker, made a brave decision to pick up the family and move from Auckland to Dunedin to pursue a better life. While in Dunedin, Filipo's father studied theology and became a role model for how hope, hard work, & education are pivotal in making dreams come true. Filipo followed his father's footsteps by breaking out of the norm, following his passion, and transforming his life.

Lucy Chang-Lorenzi 

Managing Director, Former  
President Current Trustee
Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland

 ... a very powerful Keynote that can save and change many people's lives...your message can reach a very large audience. It's not just professional athletes who struggle with mental illness and feelings of loss when its all over, it can be people who fail to get a promotion, people who get fired from a job.

Michael Hempsteed TEDx Speaker, Author, Behavioural Expert

Great catching up with High Performance Coach and Speaker Filipo Levi and exchange ideas on how to perform in a high performance team!

Filipo has a great sense of humour plus decades of experience in top level sport as well as in peak human performance. Also love his journey going from top level sport being ex-Samoan rugby captain, to corporate, and now being in business. Filipo ran a series of high performance workshops with our Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch BNZ SME Hubs. Our team performances have really stepped up another gear in the past 3 months across all 3 teams, especially Auckland!

Gary Lin BNZ SME Business Manager, Property Consultant, Business Mentor NZ


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