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As a leader of your team you can still impact your team in your virtual meetings. Zoom fatigue in a virtual summit is more to do with the speaker, trainer or manager. Motivate your teams with these insights.

November 3, 2021


The saying goes that you can lead a horse to the water...yes you know the one and just like leading your teams to engage and motivate it is challenging.

These last few years have not been easy especially this last quarter. With restrictions still in place in New Zealand and in Auckland these are unprecedented times.

A 2019 Harvard study found that teams in meetings were disengaged with 90% admitted to daydreaming, and 73% admitted to doing other work. This study was done pre Covid-19 and if would be interesting to see what the research says now with virtual training and meetings.

As a leader of your team you can still impact your team in your virtual meetings. I heard Zoom fatigue in a virtual summit that it was more to do with the speaker, trainer or manager making the teams sleep! People will switch off pretty quickly after only a few seconds! some say that there is a 7 second rule that you need to engage the audience within that time!

There are plenty of ways to engage, and only you will know your team. However, there is always learning to be done and getting better at the small things that can make a huge impact. Choose one below to start with and improve as you go. 

  1. Smile inside and outside!
  2. Warm-up. Start the meeting with a physical activity where everyone puts their hands up and says something positive or empowering! Like I love my work! Ok, that was over the top; maybe I love something that they love! Keep it PG-rated.
  3. You are responsible for your tech. Lights, Camera, Action! 
  4. First Impact-The very first seconds comes down to you how you plan the event.
  5. Death by PowerPoint-What ever you do keep it to minimal slides and words. 
  6. Use pictures by drawing them on a physical paper or whiteboard. 
  7. Pause and often stop to check if they are still there. If you see black screens they are daydreaming or on social media! So get them to turn their screens on at the beginning of the talk to see their beautiful smiles! 

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