Rebuilding The Future

Covid-19 has been one of the biggest unforeseen challenges we have had to face in recent history. Let's take a look at where we go from here.

October 26, 2020

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The biggest challenge that we have faced in the past 100 years has been the the Covid 19. It has near decimated economies and shutdown countries borders. How such a small virus can spread fear, anxiety and stress is beyond comprehension, however what we know now is that closing the borders and stopping the movement of people works.

Much has been written about the leadership of Countries who closed the borders early and also praise for many leaders across the globe. There is too criticism, and finger pointing on who started the crisis pandemic. Without going into this topic I would like to discuss the challenge for leadership is the process of the rebuild.

”Better is the end of the thing than the beginning" Ecclesiastes 7:8

It is time to finish the race of eradicating and isolating the spread of infections and to start the process of the rebuild. This week New Zealand is officially in a recession and not supprisingly with our lockdowns and halting of work production.

Our political leaders are pointing fingers and finding ways to improve their own ratings. As we near the New Zealand elections in a months time this strategy will only increase.

So where should our leaders start the rebuild?

The social fabric of our economy is a priority affecting thousands of New Zealand families. We need to increase the production of our biggest sectors for example our construction and RSE workers from the Pacific Countries to work in our produce fruit industries.

A plan and pathway for the unemployed and engaging social providers and NGOs to bring in people to work. Our education sector needs

a growth plan for transitioning International students back into Aotearoa.

Our challenges is across all our industries and we need leadership to navigate through towards post Covid future.

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