Change Leadership

March 6, 2023


As the captain of Manu Samoa, I have faced many challenges, but none quite like standing face-to-face facing the Haka. It was a powerful and intimidating experience, but I knew I had to face it with courage and confidence.

Leadership requires similar courage and confidence, especially when facing tough challenges in the workplace and change and disruption in our lives.

Here are 3 ways of what you can do to start the change.

1. To be successful, we need to develop high-performance habits. Habits are the foundation of our daily lives and are significant in determining our success or failure. By establishing good habits, we can increase productivity, improve our decision-making skills, and develop a positive attitude towards work.

2. As a leader, it is crucial to have a positive attitude, even in the face of adversity. A positive attitude will help you stay motivated and focused on finding solutions, even in the most challenging situations.

3. In today's rapidly changing business landscape, adaptability is critical to success. Leaders need to be able to pivot quickly and adjust to new situations. This requires an open-minded approach and a willingness to embrace diversity in the workforce. By building a diverse team and fostering an inclusive culture, we can develop creative solutions and adapt to changing circumstances.

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