5 Tips to Motivation

Updated: May 17

The sun is up again and like most days there is a end point.

Staying motivated in this lockdown is a challenge, and there are 5 things that you can do now to improve the mood.

1. Go outside! Walk to your local park, walk the dog, read under a tree, bike around your community.

2. Listen to inspiring music-Go to YouTube and type in inspiring instrumentals. You will find plenty to chose from

3. When your shopping and your waiting in line Smile. It will make someone’s day.

If they don’t smile back that’s ok as the saying goes just ‘keep on keeping on’.

4. Limit media exposure and practise distancing from negative narcissistic comments. 99% of the media is focussed on leads which are all about Covid-19. Focus on limiting your views and exposure.

5. Watch inspiring movies. My choice are true stories based on sports and entrepreneurial stories like Founder.

These are some of the ways I am staying motivated and to be inspired and hopeful.

The Samoan proverb says:

“The New dawn will spring forth and the Sun will rise again”


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