Leadership Crisis Mindset

Updated: May 17

The dark clouds are moving along and now we are in a place to see a clear way forward and out of Covid.

This past week we have transitioned into Level 2. We heard the budget and how the will

help New Zealand start to rebuild infrastructure, housing, skills and training industries.

Leaders know that problems are always present. The biggest challenge lays ahead for our workforce. How do we transition into shared places? Stairs? Elevators? Tables? Toilets? Kitchen?

The opportunities are ahead of you. Your people are your most important part of your organisation. Leading with empathy is crucial in times of crisis. Let your people know you understand the situation and that you are open to feedback in how you can lead and help them. The key here as a leader is how your react to feedback and to be open minded. Be neutral in your stance and facial expressions as this will imply an openness from who you seek feedback from. Your people are your biggest asset and investing in them in times of crisis is a sure way of helping them feel safe and secure.

In a talk with world renowned Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, Professor Sanyin Siang talks about the importance of your reactions to feedback. As leaders feedback in needed in times of crisis and to open-minded on how it can either help you or make the other person not come back to you! Which one would you prefer?

Lead your teams in the next few days as you transition into the new normal. Implement the leanings of lock-down to be kind to self and to others, to be empathetic and to lead.


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