Leadership Communication

We are in point of our lives when leading in times of crisis is understanding the impact of stress can have on our lives, our family, friends and colleagues. Much has been written about empathy in the past and how leaders need to navigate the uncharted waters of Covid19.

Living in New Zealand we are surrounded by water the biggest moat from hoards of travelers. It is a blessing however opening the boarders would seem to be a priority to help with the tourism sector.

We observe leaders of nations discussing the best possible ways of dealing with the fall out of Covid19. Unemployment rates are skyrocketing, mental depression, anxiety and stress, huge corporations firing workers from Zoom, protests and violence and a glimmer of hope in the midst of it all. We are in unprecedented times and leaders from politicians to business are navigating cautiously.

Nicholas Lee, CEO of Singapore contactless payment firm EZ-Link said that,

"...Communication is the key to good leadership"

I would add that communication is the most vital part of empathy in being transparent with your executive teams and the wider organisation. Talking about what you are doing and the planning around change and showing them why you are doing it. How you communicate in times of crisis starts with this purpose and your values.


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