I was suprised to hear the Prime Minister mention the well known sports phrase used by coaches in half time. Just to paraphrase New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinder Ardern said that "We are ahead on points and we cannot give up the lead and lose ground". The number of infections for Covid-19 cases is decreasing and the numerous statistics highlight the downward trend of future infections.

Much has been said about the Leadership during Covid-19 and I will focus on the Half-Time Speech. For 13 years of professional Rugby I have heard numerous half-time speeches which range from yelling, to saying nothing. In the heat of the battle you really don't have much time to really think and process what has just happened in the first 40 minutes. You legs are sore, your need oxygen, Ice, water, powerade, a new jersey or shorts. When the speeches start the one's that I vividly remember are listed below.

1. Clear and concise communication

2. Not rushed but communicated as in a conversation

3. Allow only 1-2 players to speak and make valid points

4. Praising hard work and our processes

5. Focus on 1-2 things to improve. 1 is better.

What is your half time speech? How are you communicating to your work force? What are you saying to yourself? We are in week 3 of lock-down Level 4 and things and there is little dimmer of hope that more businesses will be opened and more movement in Level 3. It is well publicized that many Businesses are closing, people are being asked to take wage cuts, employers are let go to save the business and even our Government are in the process of taking wage cuts.

Your half-time talk you give to your people will really matter, especially in this very difficult and challenging time for your business. There is no easy way out, but it is more how you communicate and give your full time speech once this game is over! We can have a bit of a breather and a enjoy the local businesses that we can now appreciate and help them. We can even enjoy that coffee or beer at your favourite cafe and restaurant. So remain hopeful and that we are in this together to the end.


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