Athletes Business Leadership

Story telling is one of the most powerful tools we have as people to inspire, motivate, and encourage firstly ourselves and those we surround ourselves with. If you are a leader, founder or CEO your communication is key to your self confidence, the direction of your company and setting goals and targets to impact staff morale, to adapt, pivot and going through the storms.

Riki Hoeata founder of Craft Smoothie spoke at RUBC Rugby Union Business Club network event. Riki was forced to give up his passion in Rugby because of his repeated concussions. He saw specialists and was told that he could no longer play again because of his symptoms. Not one to complain Riki dreamed about his next challenge and launching his business Craft Smoothie In 2016 from his home. I played alongside Riki in 2011-2012 for the Tasman Makos. Riki was a fearless tackler, never one to back down from a challenge. To hear his story of giving up his dream really hit home that we never know the day, hour or minute that something can be taken away from us. Riki adversity to dream again to fight through his symptoms to launch in 2016 is a testament to his character and resilience.


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